Parent & Baby Screenings

Parent & Baby Screenings

Parent & Baby Screenings are for parents and carers of infants. No need to find a babysitter or worry about making noise, we keep some lights on and the sound lower to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere as you watch the latest movies from our regular programme. It's also a good way to meet other parents and carers who happen to be film fans too. Enjoy a free tea or coffee or grab yourself a tasty treat from the foyer.

Tickets are only £7.75 (per parent/guardian and baby) and you'll be able to find our upcoming Parent & Baby screenings online.


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What makes The Arc Cinema’s Parent & Baby screenings baby friendly?

In order to create the perfect baby friendly environment, we have made the following adjustments:

  • There will be a soft level of lighting in the auditorium
  • The film volume will be lowered
  • Leave your pushchair outside the auditorium
  • You'll be able to move freely around the auditorium, should you or your little one need to

All tickets are £7.75 per parent and baby and include a free tea or coffee. Tickets are available at the box office and online. Additional adult tickets £7.75. Babes in arms will be admitted free of charge. Our Parent & Baby screenings are only open to parents and carers with babies and no lone adults will be admitted.


Please note, your attendance at our Parent & Baby screenings automatically implies that you assume full responsibility for bringing an infant to the film (including films for which children under 15 are normally excluded) and also for looking after the baby while on the premises.

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